Alan Jones = Everest, major fail. See field.

I try to live by the adage ‘if you have nothing good to say about someone, say nothing’.

However, yes, I am going to contradict myself, and join in the chorus of people who found Radio 2GB’s Alan Jones AO, to be an aggressive bully in the way he interviewed the Sydney Opera House CEO Louise Herron AM, last Friday 5th October.

Okay, it is part of the job to build listener numbers so as to get more advertising revenue, given 2GB is a commercial radio network, now majority owned by Fairfax.

A major concern I have is the interview style Mr Jones chose. He was quite simply so aggressive in how he pushed his views, which, in the end was to have a new (first ran in 2017) Sydney horse race event ‘The Everest’ advertised on the Sydney Opera House, via floodlighting.

The Sydney Opera House is a world heritage listed site, and I understand there are rules about what can and can’t be done in relation to advertising, regardless of what Mr Jones or even our PM Scott Morrison thinks.

Here is a link to an interesting article about this topic, written by Michelle Grattan for the ABC. I was pleased to meet Michelle in Melbourne at a book launch for ‘The Knowledge Solution: Politics”. The book has an introduction by Michelle.

And here is what I found on the 2GB website today. A statement by Alan Jones about the matter –

Alan Jones has responded to the uproar over using the Opera House to promote The Everest.

The breakfast host has been attacked repeatedly by the left wing media since his fiery interview with Opera House CEO Louise Herron and Racing NSW CEO Peter V’landys.
Alan is more than capable of handling the abuse but won’t put up with claims his criticism was misogynistic or gender-based.
“I have been tough on plenty of people on this program in the past, Paul Keating, John Howard, the list is endless.
“If the interview had of been with Bob the Builder, no one would have bothered. But presumably, Louise Herron must get different treatment because she’s a woman.
“It was tough stuff on a tough issue. Men and women are treated equally on this program. I thought that was the kind of equality people like you seek.”

And finally here is my field for the event.

Horse 1 – Too Much Power (6)

Horse 2 – Punters Lose (7)

Horse 3 – Fields of Terror (8)

Horse 4 – Fiasco Bell (9)

Horse 5 – Media Power (10)

Horse 6 – Anonymous Gambler (11)

Horse 8 – Major Fail (1)

Horse 9 – Aggressive Bully (2)

Horse 10 – Thug Interviewer (3)

Horse 11 – Lost It (4)

Horse 12 – Unprofessional (5)