Late night conundrum

It is yet again late at night, and here I am at the computer typing a blog post, as I have set myself a goal/challenge to write a post for the next forty days straight. It is a little experiment for me.

Thinking of topics is not a huge issue.

Sitting down and writing is the issue.

I find it hard to make a start. I even created a  personal blog called On that point, I paused this post to track down where I wrote that blog. One of the issues of having a number of websites. It had been a while, five or so years in fact since I posted on that site.

I tried, then Blogger, and finally tracked the site down on Here is a link to the site –

and as it turns out, I have only done two posts so far. The first post was dated 15 September 2012 and the second one on 17 July 2013.

A key point is to make a start. For good health and quality sleep, I need to start earlier in the day.

I have quite often read that you should not use devices (mobile/ipad/laptop/pc etc) within an hour of bed. My GP categorically stated, stop within two hours of bed. She was emphatic. When I follow this advice, I notice a significant difference in how I feel the next day, in a positive way.

Old habits die hard, i.e. writing late at night when it is quiet.

I am determined to stop my late night technology use habit. But it is proving a difficult habit to break.