Waratahs are such beautiful flowers

waratah mantel_20180927_123213

The Waratah, aka Telopea, is such a beautiful flowering plant.

It is native to south eastern parts of Australian, including NSW, Victoria and Tasmania.

The red flower of the telopea speciosissima was proclaimed as NSW’s official state emblem on 24 October 1962.

Apart from being the name of a NSW rugby team, the waratah flower has been the inspiration for many artists, and not just botanical artists either.

I have mugs with waratah’s on them, as well as a lovely notebook with a fabulous botanical sketch of that same flower. I have bought gift cards with that same botanical artwork.

Canary Janes floral arrangement with Waratah, at Alley Hens (cafe), my lunch/coffee spot today.


waratah cup + notebook 20181016_002636
Notebook & cup with waratah picture

Waratahs can also be found in white and soft pink.

I love looking at these bold beautiful blooms.



Waratah view at AH +CJ-20180925_120934