A modern dilema, too many websites!

I think I may have too many websites.

I decided to challenge myself to write a short blog post for the next forty days, commencing on 1 October. So I started. Two down and 38 to go.

But then I realised I meant to start publishing these posts on my website theblog-ed.com, as it seemed to make sense. I planned to blog in an editorial or educational manner or a bit of both, which is why I bought that domain name some years ago in the first place.

Today I realised I started posting on my eponymous website instead. Janedeany.com. It is not a big deal. The posts can or could stay there.

My goal is to develop a daily writing/blogging habit, at least for a while.

What are some of my other websites?

ilovebrokenhill.com is my main blog, which started in 2011. I have been less active there lately, after over 330 posts.

coworkingiscool.com is a dormant site.

artofbrokenhill.com is a work in progress. It is a reference website. The basics are there.