Too much blue light at night may be bad for your brain.

I don’t think I am alone in finding it easier to write at night, when there is less distraction. Now if I was writing by hand, you know, using a pen, late night writing may not be an issue. What issue am I referring to? The negative health effects of using a computer, or other electronic device, tablet, mobile phone etc.. late at night. These negative health effects are becoming more and more apparent.

Yes, a blue light filter may help a little. Turning off LED lights is also recommended in the later part of the evening.

One of the main reasons for adhering to the above suggestion, is that it may help you have better quality sleep, and an ability to  bounce out of bed, instead of feeling terrible in the morning. This is in part because, looking at the device with blue light tells the body it is still earlier in the day than it really is. It is impacting on your circadian rhythm, your natural body clock.